About PEX

Executives, presidents and cabinet politics (PEX) is one of the research areas of the Center for Legislative Studies (CEL) of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). Investigations about presidents and executive politics, development and functioning of Presidencies, and cabinet’s politics are explored in this research area. This agenda includes studies on Brazilian politics and studies in comparative perspective, intra and cross-region.

This area of research has been created with the cooperation among national and international research networks on these issues. The group aims at disseminating this research agenda in Latin America. Therefore, it has been promoting research and joint publications, seminars and the development of theses and dissertations able to improve data and evidence on the referred set of themes.

The research group is linked to the Center for Legislative Studies (CEL) – UFMG. Created in 2002, CEL has stood out in the study of political representation in comparative perspective, developing investigation on political parties, legislative and executive-legislative relationship. PEX is a result of initiatives by CEL researchers that investigate the executive branch, with a focus both in its internal dynamics and its relationship with other branches, political and institutional actors.