Presidency and Executive politics

Institutional Presidency In Latin America: This research focuses upon the growth of presidencies in Latin America countries throughout redemocratization period. It is supported by the FAPEMIG and CAPES/DAAD. This research project has been developed by CEL-UFMG and GIGA. Coordinators: Magna Inácio (UFMG) – Mariana Llanos (GIGA)

Coalitional presidentialism

Presidents and their Agents: the Executive Branch from the Inside: This research project addresses the impacts of the coalitional presidentialism on the growth of the presidency and the legislative review of government agenda in Brazil (1995-2014). This project is supported by FAPEMIG and CNPQ (2012-2014). Coordinator: Magna Inácio (UFMG)

Cabinet politics

Coalition governments, cabinet and ministerial careers: This project analyses the effects of the cabinet politics on the selection and survival of ministers in coalitional presidentialism in Brazil. (1986-2014). Coordinator: Magna Inácio (UFMG).

Executive politics and Bureaucracy


Parties and Governments